Using sound as a stimulus for creativity in the language classroom

A project by Mike Harrison

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The activities

Sounds of the season

Set it up Think of sounds that are typically associated with the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. You may need to adapt these if you teach in a country where there are not really discernible seasons, let alone four of them. If this is the case, think... read more

A sound I like

Set it up Think of a sound you like and prepare a short description of it. It isn’t necessary to play the sound, but if you do have a recording you can bring this to class. You can use this description to introduce useful language for describing feelings, memories or... read more

The mixer

Set it up Choose a sound effect that is made up of a few different elements (for example, a forest soundscape with running water, leaves rustling in the trees, and animal calls). Before you start the activity, ask the students if they have ever been in a very noisy... read more

Where are you?

Set it up Ask the students what sorts of places they are familiar with and if they know the names of them in English. Do they associate any particular sounds with these locations? Running order 1. Tell the students you are going to play a sound effect and ask them to... read more

What is it?

Set it up Ask the students if they have ever heard a sound and not been sure what exactly made it. If you can think of an example when you yourself have been in a situation like this, tell your students about it. For example, this might be when you have heard an... read more
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