Using sound as a stimulus for creativity in the language classroom

A project by Mike Harrison

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The activities

Sound feelings

Sound has the potential to be linked with particular feelings. This is an activity that could form the basis of overnight or weekend project work. Set it up Tell your students that this activity is about sound and how it affects us and our feelings. As such, ask them... read more

Sound stories in four parts

Set it up For this activity you need to choose four sound effects and have enough pieces of paper for each of your students. It’s best if this is blank paper, but this is not essential. A selection of four SFX is included in this activity post. Running order Make sure... read more

Sounds for relaxing

Set it up Think about what sounds can help you to relax. Do you find listening to birdsong soothing? Or maybe the sound of beach surf reminds you of restful holidays? Whatever it is, there are certain sounds that resonate with our bodies’ natural rhythms and can... read more

Horrifying interruptions

It would be a shame to let another Halloween go by without something timely here. So without further ado, I have an activity for you to do, if you dare… *evil laughter* Image via morguefile Set it up Look in your coursebook and choose an... read more

Creating roles around sounds

Set it up Think about sounds you usually associate with a particular person or group of people. For example, sirens usually come accompanied by police officers or fire fighters, the noise of steam and frying often means a chef or cook is nearby. Image via... read more

Sound sequences

Set it up Ask your students about the sounds they heard (or made) so far during the day. These might be sounds related to a particular part of the day, like from their morning routine (the splatter of the shower, the boiling of the kettle…). They might be sounds that... read more
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